April 2, 2016 LA at Circus of books, Silverlake with Anaïs Maviel 

April 4- Joshua Tree at The High Way Space with Anaïs Maviel

April 6 - La Honda, CA at Apple Jacks with Anaïs Maviel

April 7 - SAn Francisco at Hotel Utah with Anaïs Maviel

April 8 - Portland

April 9 - Seattle women’s shelter benefit at Teatro de Psychomachia with Witch Bottle

April 10 - Portland, afternoon pot luck benefit show at Muse Mansion
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Larkin Grimm is a NYC based composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who bridges the worlds of folk, rock - n - roll, noise, and free jazz.  She was born in a commune in Memphis, Tennessee and studied sculpture at Yale University.  Music is invisible sculpture.